Monday, August 11, 2008

Off to Kitty Heaven

Today we said goodbye to our beloved feline Phoenix.  Adopted in Portland, Oregon 12 years ago, he crossed the western states living in Idaho, California, and Hawaii before settling down for his final years in Southern California.  He lived a great life, kicking dog butt and scaring the shit out of most of our family members.  But he was a big sweet heart under all that macho bravado.  And he kept the neighborhood animals out of our yard!  But things started to go downhill the year Finnley was born.  I was pregnant with Finn, three years ago, when Phoenix got into one of his usual brawls.  Only this time he got hurt bad and ended up with a tooth infection that spread to the bone in his face.  Sounds funky, but he recovered with the use of a cone and a drainage tube.  Two years later he seemed fine until we noticed he was loosing his eyesight, no longer jumped up to the bathroom counter to get water from the faucet, lost tons of weight and couldn't gain it back, and finally and most recently losing the ability to relieve himself outdoors or in a litter box.  He was a mess and we decided it was time to let him go to kitty heaven.  It was sad and Sean and I cried while he "went to sleep".  But it was the right decision.  Michelle, wipe your tears from your eyes.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news to my favorite "kitty lover".  My brother said he is young again and hanging with the girls and kicking butt when he needs to.  Say a kitty prayer tonight...Goodbye Phoenix!


Michelle said...

Even in the midst of the Una drama we had tears to spare for Phoenix. That is tough that he had it so hard at the end. We are sorry for your loss. Love M & M

Matthew said...

Hi Xochitl. So glad to see you blogging and that I get to keep up on you and Sean and Finnley (and Morgan too I hope). But SO sad to hear about Phoenix. I loved that lanky (and sometimes cranky) bugger. Give Finn a hug from me.