Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am so excited at the prospect of Obama actually becoming the next President of the United States!!!!!  And I am tickled every time Finnley sees  his face on the television and says "I like that guy".  He doesn't say a word when he sees McCain...

Hooray for HOPE and PROGRESS!!!!!!

In a Land Called Hanalei

Finn had Sean dig him  a jacuzzi.

The belly is and perfect head rest.

Kauai Plantation Railway

Finn, me, and baby #2

Sean and Finn.  He was so happy 
to be taking a train ride!
We got to stop and feed the pigs!

Finn was enjoying himself despite the look
on his face.

The boy loves a good train ride.

Finnley Hangs with the Chicks

Tutu Debra got a dozen Rhode Island Reds and we are all in love with the sweet little babies.  Finn has named his favorite "Ella" after his cousin.  They are growing fast and soon they will be free range and providing us with some tasty eggs!

Mexico City

We decided to try our hand at some authentic mexican recipes.  I found one for my favorite dish, chiles en nogada!  We served it with a chilled vegetable salad, rice, beans, Morgan's guacamole, and corn fritters.  Morgan looked up a recipe on Martha Stewart and baked some local mangos an served them with cinnamon tortillas and vanilla ice cream!  It was AMAZING!!!!!!!

The Graduate

So we started Finnley in preschool a few weeks ago, but all he does is lay around on his bed with his sunglasses on... 

Sunday, September 7, 2008


We landed.  We vacationed.  We found a house.  The ocean is warm, the air is clean, and the spiders are big!  Oh yeah, and the roosters start crowing at 4 in the morning.  I'm not joking.  They are in our yard.  Mommy, babies, and those obnoxious roosters!  Finn has nick-named our place the "Jungle Beach House".  It is in the trees, one of which is supposed to be a mango, yummie, and we are about 3 minutes from the beach.  All of this is not to rub-it-in, but to entice you all to come visit.  Don't worry, Sean is going to "take care" of the roosters.  This is a quick post, but check out a few pics and know we love and miss our friends and family.  More soon...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Finn!

Today we celebrated Finn's 3rd birthday. He turned 3 on Friday, but we have been so busy packing that we planned the party for today, the day before we take-off for Kauai. We made him a "banana yellow elephant" cake, per his request and invited Pickles the Clown to entertain us. See the photos for the reaction...It was some much needed fun time as he has been cooped up a lot while we pack boxes. Wish everyone could have been with us in the park, it was a beautiful day!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finnley Loves Baseball

First baseball game for Finn.  L.A. Dodgers vs. Arizona?  Don't ask me!  Finn LOVED it!  I think he was the only one paying any attention and he jumped and cheered and ate peanuts like a good boy should.

I'm an Aunt!

Some of the biggest and best news of the year to report is the birth of Max!  I am finally an auntie!  Arriving Friday the 13th of June, crazy, right!?  Weighing 7 lbs, 1 oz with a big bald head and beautiful blue eyes.  Jes and Kathy are the proud parents of a gorgeous baby boy and I am so happy for them to experience all the joy and magic of raising a little human being.   Okay, and the sleepless nights and exhaustion that is like nothing you have experienced before.  But more so the laughter and learning and love that is so strong you think it just might break your heart.  I can't wait to hold Max and give him a big ol' smooch! 

Off to Kitty Heaven

Today we said goodbye to our beloved feline Phoenix.  Adopted in Portland, Oregon 12 years ago, he crossed the western states living in Idaho, California, and Hawaii before settling down for his final years in Southern California.  He lived a great life, kicking dog butt and scaring the shit out of most of our family members.  But he was a big sweet heart under all that macho bravado.  And he kept the neighborhood animals out of our yard!  But things started to go downhill the year Finnley was born.  I was pregnant with Finn, three years ago, when Phoenix got into one of his usual brawls.  Only this time he got hurt bad and ended up with a tooth infection that spread to the bone in his face.  Sounds funky, but he recovered with the use of a cone and a drainage tube.  Two years later he seemed fine until we noticed he was loosing his eyesight, no longer jumped up to the bathroom counter to get water from the faucet, lost tons of weight and couldn't gain it back, and finally and most recently losing the ability to relieve himself outdoors or in a litter box.  He was a mess and we decided it was time to let him go to kitty heaven.  It was sad and Sean and I cried while he "went to sleep".  But it was the right decision.  Michelle, wipe your tears from your eyes.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news to my favorite "kitty lover".  My brother said he is young again and hanging with the girls and kicking butt when he needs to.  Say a kitty prayer tonight...Goodbye Phoenix!

Timing is Everything

So there we were, neither of us working.  My husband Sean and I were both home hanging out with Finn and planning our next move.  What we didn't know was that it would actually involve a "move".  We had pondered the concept of getting out of L.A. before.  Always giving the idea up when we realized neither of us had much hope of pursuing our careers elsewhere.  We were thinking Central Coast of California, Northern Idaho, Hawaii...places we knew and loved and had family that lived there already.  Then my mom shared her decision to sell both of her businesses in Kauai.  One successful cafe and one coffee shop that she bought last year.  We thought "What if we took over/bought the coffee shop?"   And with our youth and naivete on our side maybe we could work hard somewhere beautiful and change our lives, or at least take a break and have an adventure.  So long story short, Sean is taking a
sabbatical from the movie biz and we are off to the South Pacific.  Can you blame us????

The Firing Squad

So I guess I should start with the fact that I got laid off on Jully 11th.  I have been with the same clothing company for the past 5 years.  It was my first design job out of school, starting out as an Assistant Designer and working my way thru Missy sportswear and dresses, to juniors dresses and sportswear...To finally designing a contemporary line.  Being the sole designer of a struggling line was scary, challenging, and sometimes enjoyable.  But I was working more than I'd like and it wasn't enough.  Then the lay-offs started, I should've seen it coming.  But I didn't think I would go.  Should've figured since I was one o the highest paid employees and I was 5 months preggo.  I'm sure they saw the maternity leave coming and figured it would not be short as I took a year off with my first born.  So I got the word from my superior and as she sat there crying I thought to myself, this isn't so bad...I have been trying to figure out a way to get out of this place for a while, I tried to quit twice in the last year.  Both times they talked me into staying and at least I got a big raise out of the deal.  Then she said the magic word..."severance"!  I would be getting a nice little severance, must have figured they owed it to me and eased the guilt as they laid-off a pregnant woman.  Who wants to hire a pregnant woman!?!  So she cried and I smiled and she says "you don't seem too upset".  Come on!  I get to hang out with Finnley before we have baby #2 and enjoy life for a bit.  I am no workaholic.  I know how to enjoy myself.  So I packed up my stuff and made a bee line for the door, never looking back.  See you later suckers.