Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am so excited at the prospect of Obama actually becoming the next President of the United States!!!!!  And I am tickled every time Finnley sees  his face on the television and says "I like that guy".  He doesn't say a word when he sees McCain...

Hooray for HOPE and PROGRESS!!!!!!

In a Land Called Hanalei

Finn had Sean dig him  a jacuzzi.

The belly is and perfect head rest.

Kauai Plantation Railway

Finn, me, and baby #2

Sean and Finn.  He was so happy 
to be taking a train ride!
We got to stop and feed the pigs!

Finn was enjoying himself despite the look
on his face.

The boy loves a good train ride.

Finnley Hangs with the Chicks

Tutu Debra got a dozen Rhode Island Reds and we are all in love with the sweet little babies.  Finn has named his favorite "Ella" after his cousin.  They are growing fast and soon they will be free range and providing us with some tasty eggs!

Mexico City

We decided to try our hand at some authentic mexican recipes.  I found one for my favorite dish, chiles en nogada!  We served it with a chilled vegetable salad, rice, beans, Morgan's guacamole, and corn fritters.  Morgan looked up a recipe on Martha Stewart and baked some local mangos an served them with cinnamon tortillas and vanilla ice cream!  It was AMAZING!!!!!!!

The Graduate

So we started Finnley in preschool a few weeks ago, but all he does is lay around on his bed with his sunglasses on...